Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to take more than one program at the same time?

Yes. As more programs become available, you are able to take as many as you like, all at once.

Do I have to take the programs in a certain order?

No, there isn’t a hierarchy structure to the programs so you can take them in any order and progress through them as quickly or slowly as you like. They are all designed to be stand alone programs.

Is there rolling enrolment at Westland / Can I start at any time?

Yes, once a program is available, you can start it at any time. There are no set enrolment times or start dates.

Will I be able to call myself a "Sex Therapist" if I complete all the courses that Westland offers?

No. When you have finished a course at Westland you will be given a certificate of completion for your records stating you have completed that specific course, however, The Westland Academy is not certifying individuals to be able to call themselves Sex Therapists.  

How many hours will I need to set aside to do each course?

The hours required to complete each course differ. Course completion times vary, ranging on average between 5 -10 hours per course depending on your preexisting training, familiarity with the topic, and speed you which you read/consume the materials, among other factors.

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes. Each course requires you to complete a quiz to prove completion and comprehension. Upon getting a grade of 80% or higher, you will get a signed certificate of completion for your records.

Can I take these courses if I don’t live in Canada?

Yes. Westland Academy’s courses are accessible to mental health and health care practitioners from around the world through our online platform. However, programs are currently only offered in English.

Do I need any prior training to take these programs?

Westland Academy’s programs are designed to enhance existing training for mental health and healthcare professionals, such as counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, nurses and doctors. It is not available to the general public. Students are required to already have certification, licensure and/or in-training for these professions prior to enrolment at Westland. You will be required to provide evidence of certification/licensure and a copy of your governing code of ethics prior to access to programs.

Programs are available to other like-minded professionals who have already undergone – or are currently enrolled in – specific training and/or certification in complementary industries (such as pelvic floor therapists, bodyworkers and sexual educators). These applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must have proof of a code of ethics as part of their certification.

Will I get one-on-one time with a supervisor or teacher? Can I get individual case consultation with my program?

Westland offers a tiered approach so you can pick the program style that’s right for you and your budget.

Three options are available:

A self guided approach to learning. You are given access to the program materials for a full year (from the time of registration) and you can absorb and learn at your own speed. No schedules to follow, no live interaction.

An interactive approach to learning. You are given access all the materials to work through at your own pace AND you are able to personally speak with Dr Teesha Morgan and Constance Lynn Hummel during our monthly 60 minute live office hours for a 3 month period. These office hours calls are there to support your learning and answer any questions you have about the materials (these calls will be recorded and posted in the resource library for those who can’t attend live). No specific client concerns can be discussed due to confidentiality.

A personalized approach to learning. You are given all the materials to absorb and learn at your own pace, access to the monthly 60 minute live office hours for a 3 month period, AND a 60 minute personal, one-on-one phone call with Dr Teesha Morgan and Constance Lynn Hummel to discuss the material, answer questions you may have, and get individual case consultation.

Please refer to the programs page for more detailed information regarding each course as they become available.

How is the program taught (video, written format etc.)?

Each program differs slightly so see each program for specific details. However, the format is relatively consistent across each course. Most programs include written content, video content, case studies, quizzes, downloadable worksheets (for both clients and practitioners) and interviews with specialists. Extensive resource lists will also be provided which would include such things as recommended readings for practitioners and clients (books, research etc),  recommended videos, and applicable/helpful community programs.

More questions? Reach out to us HERE to get them answered.